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D & J Septic serves many customers in Ann Arbor every week. Ann Arbor is home to Barton Hills Village where we have the privilege to work very often. Not far from Barton Hills we recently helped out a gentleman in need. He had inherited a home from his parents and knew very little about the septic system. This customer was trying to sell the home and being in Washtenaw County the home fell under the County's 
Time of Sale program. We were called out to locate, clean, and inspect the septic system. This was an older home and there were no records of the location of the tank. After checking all typical areas we were able to locate the tank under the driveway. The homeowners parents had never had the tank cleaned. So, we excavated the driveway and installed a safe riser so the tank could be properly cleaned in the future. Since the tank had never been cleaned there was damage to the drain field. After inspection we determined that the field did not need to be replaced but was a candidate for an alternative solution. We were able to save the homeowner thousands of dollars by performing a proper inspection of the drain field and providing them with the best solution for their needs. Other companies would have just jumped to conclusions and forced the homeowner to install a new septic field. We are proud to be the most honest company and providing the highest quality services for our many customers in Ann Arbor and the surrounding communities.
In Ann Arbor, D & J Septic Offers:
  • Septic Tank Cleaning
  • Plumbing
  • Drain Field  Installation
  • Drain Field Restoration
  • Perk Tests
  • Portable Toilets
  • Time of Sale Inspections
  • Riser Installation
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