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If my Tank has two compartments, do both compartments need to be cleaned?

Yes. Even though a septic tank with two compartments is designed to hold solids back in the first compartment, it is inevitable that some solids will be pushed into the second compartment. If the second side is left uncleaned the solids will build up and begin pushing out to the drain field which will shorten the life of the field. Another reason both compartments need to be opened up is for inspection of the outlet device. The outlet device is the part of the tank that holds the solids back in the second compartment and allows clean water to flow to the drain field. The outlet device cannot be inspected from the first compartment.

Do I really need my septic tank cleaned?

Yes.  Regular maintenance of a septic tank plays a vital role in the longevity of the septic system as a whole.  Septic tanks should be cleaned when 25% of the working capacity of the tank is being used to store sludge.  As the tank builds more and more sludge, the sludge will be pushed in the drain field and begin "plugging" the drain field.  This will lead to premature failure of the system.

How often should my tank be cleaned?

There are several factors that determine when a tank should be cleaned; the size of the tank, number of occupants in the home, water usage practices of the household, etc.  D & J Septicl can help determine the frequency that will best suit your individual circumstance.  At D&J Septic, we utilize a tool called a sludge judge when determining if a tank needs to be cleaned.  This tool allows us to visually see how much solid material is in the the top and bottom of the tank.

What differentiates D & J Septic from all other septic service providers?

We don't just "pump" septic tanks.  Every tank that D & J services is properly cleaned and inspected with a mirror and flash light.  The proper inspection of a septic tank is vital to prolonging the life of a septic system.  Any minor damages to the tank can be diagnosed and repaired avoiding unnecessary early failure to the system.