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D & J Septic offers a versatile line of high pressure jetting services. Our large jetting machine is capable of clearing any main plumbing lines. Whether the restriction is caused by roots, grease, or some other blockage, our high pressure jetting machines are up to the task.

It is especially important to clean lines with a jetter that have been blocked with grease. The blockage may be cleared by snaking the line but the knife of the snake is not able to properly clean the walls of the pipe. If build up is left on the walls of the pipe, it will be easy for another blockage to occur. By jetting the line with high pressure, the grease is blasted off the walls and the pipe is left in like new condition.

Sometimes the need arises where it is necessary to jet lines from inside the building. This usually occurs in large commercial buildings. D & J Septic is equipped with an electric powered jetter that can safely be operated inside. This allows us to work more quickly and efficiently because we can bring our equipment right to the source of the problem.

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